Drive Towards Circular Economy
  • Replace fossil-based virgin plastic by sustainable materials such as recycled, reclaimed, recyclable, plant-based plastics, or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood
  • Continue to engage post-consumer recycling programme for VTech products in our major markets
Achieve Lower Carbon Emissions
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission per production output in both assembly and plastic factories by 10% and 8% compared with FY2020
  • Increase renewable energy use by 100% compared with FY2020
  • Maintain the recycling rate of reusable materials at or above 75% 
Accelerated the use of Renewable Energy
  • Transition to GRI Standards 2021 for sustainability reporting
  • Expanded the range of ELPs made from reclaimed plastic, recycled PET bottles or FSC-certified materials
  • Introduced a new series of hotel phones made from recycled PET bottles
  • Accelerating the installation of solar panels at manufacturing sites
Launched the First Green Product Line
  • Launched a variety of green ELPs made from bio-based plastic, recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and FSC certified wood
  • Launched the first green hotel phone using recycled PET bottles
  • Adopted climate scenarios in climate risks assessment
Invested in Green Product R&D

Started to develop ELPs made from plant-based or reclaimed plastics, and source wooden materials from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests

Assessed Climate-related Risks
  • Incorporated the UN SDGs in the development of sustainability strategy 
  • Developed the second 5-year VTech Sustainability Plan 2025 
  • Disclosed climate-related initiatives using TCFD’s framework
Developed the First 5-year Sustainability Plan
  • Set up an internal database to better monitor our sustainability data and targets
  • Developed the first 5-year VTech Sustainability Plan 2020
Established Sustainability Management Structure
  • Refined the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management structure to a holistic sustainability framework 
  • Renamed VTech’s Risk Management Committee to Risk Management and Sustainability Committee (RMSC) at the Board of Directors level 
  • Set up VTech sustainability management subcommittees, comprising key employees from different product lines and relevant departments
Introduced the CSR Concept

Introduced the concept of CSR and disclosed related initiatives in our annual report