VTech on the New Episode of the "EARTH with John Holden" 

10 Dec 2022

VTech was featured in the new episode of "EARTH with John Holden". John, the program host, visited VTech’s operation sites in Hong Kong, Dongguan and San Francisco to find out how we became a global leader in electronic learning products – by creating toys that enhance our children’s education and creativity. We are committed to creating a world where children develop a deeper understanding of Earth’s environment, and humanity’s impacts upon it. VTech’s use of sustainable manufacturing technologies and ongoing efforts to develop eco-friendly products and packaging, and continuous engagement in various post-consumer recycling programs in the major markets, have demonstrated its commitment to the 5-year Sustainability Plan 2025.  To watch the episode, please visit the “Earth with John Holden” website or their Youtube channel.


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